Make this blog is a valuable resource: Because Patricia has done a lot of work so far in researching, living in, visiting intentional communities, she has a wealth of resources to share.  Make this easily accessible and well organized.

Create the structures for shared governance: Using Sociocracy 3.0 principles, have the basic structures ready for people who want to join.

Have a screening process in place: Create a system which will easily and effectively attract the people will be most suited for this project.

Invite people to join: Reach out to like-minded individuals and organizations. With the completed values, screening process, governing structure and other foundational things in place–create a way to make the community known to others in such a way that is inviting and inspiring–even if people don’t want to join the community.

Continue to deepen my spiritual connection and practices: Even though I, Patricia, am so eager to have people join me, and often grieve that I am still alone in working on this project, I aspire to continue to be, as Grandi advises,  the change I want to see happen in the world.

World Peace Diet Facilitators: Work on finding alignment with Will and Madeline Tuttle’s work with spreading the message of the World Peace Diet. Study the book WPD and write quotes that show how our values align in the description of the values. This includes getting my World Peace Diet Facilitators certification which I started working on Sept. 2019. Become a more supportive part of this network, and do outreach events that spread the message.

Podcast: Create a podcast with Cliff Mikkelson, Patricia’s former husband and present friend and neighbor of the community. Share about the various values, and how we have lived them out–as well as cutting edge research about how others are living them as well.

Healthy community on the Ozark land: Create a healthy, residential community based on the values and practices listed here. 

Longer Term Goals

Inspire leaders to be vegan: Develop a program which will create a coalition of vegans who want to influence leaders to become vegan, and thus live more in alignment with the values that they are professing. This includes social change movements, and spiritual leaders

Prepare for propagation of more vegan communities: Plan ahead as we are building the community so we can teach others how to avoid our mistakes and use best practices to create.

Become a learning center: Determine what skills most need to be taught for healthy vegan communities to thrive including nonresidential communities like activist groups. Draw people who want to teach this to both live and visit the community.  Teach all the values that we aspire to live by.

Create an alliance of vegan communities: Support the creation of successful vegan communities by finding ways to come together  and support each other.

Start a Team Organizing business: As a way of providing jobs for people who need to make money in the community, re-activiate the vision that Patricia had years ago. Write an Ebook based on her experiences.