Exploring Membership

Contact info:

Founder coordinator, Patricia Mikkelson


You can learn more about the offerings of the learning center here. 

However, I realize that there will be people who are super serious about being part of the community and they want to be more serious about their involvement as well as staying for a longer period than a student/client.

If you  want to apply to come for a visitor period so you can move forward in becoming a provisional member and then member of the community, read below.

Your Involvement

I will be overjoyed to welcome people into our community!

There is a huge amount of room for input, ideas, creativity and resource sharing since I am in a start up phase. I am creating an environment where people can fulfill their individual goals, using their unique talents that help build a world where all of life thrives.  I would like at least one person to join us this Winter  2019 or Spring 2020 who is compatible. Ideally, a whole group of people who are looking for a place such as this will join us!

 We can built trust by going through this process: 

Membership Process:

Look at values here.  See if you believe you are in alignment. 

Look over these pages and posts. These will give you even more information which can be helpful.

Current Status/Q’s and A’s here: 

Ideal day in the life of community here. 


Patricia’s background. 

If you want to continue exploring possibilities of applying for membership,    or for visiting, please fill out this application.

Then we will have an interview on video or phone. If we both feel good about moving forward, we will negotiate how to do so in the best manner possible.