12 Marks of New Monasticism

I am in alignment with all of these. But I wonder–does our way out in the sticks location classify as abandoned?  I think so.
1) Relocation to the abandoned places of Empire.

2) Sharing economic resources with fellow community members and the needy among us.

3) Hospitality to the stranger

4) Lament for racial divisions within the church and our communities combined with the active pursuit of a just reconciliation.

5) Humble submission to Christ’s body, the church.

6) Intentional formation in the way of Christ and the rule of the community along the lines of the old novitiate.

7) Nurturing common life among members of intentional community.

8) Support for celibate singles alongside monogamous married couples and their children.

9) Geographical proximity to community members who share a common rule of life.

10) Care for the plot of God’s earth given to us along with support of our local economies.

11) Peacemaking in the midst of violence and conflict resolution within communities along the lines of Matthew 18.

12) Commitment to a disciplined contemplative life.

How to derail the New Monasticism

Thanks to my son Christopher Mikkelson for inspiring me to start re-connecting with what is going on with Shane Claiborne who I am so completely in alignment with. What I appreciate most about Shane is that he is a bridge builder, but he doesn’t compromise. This interview is so encouraging http://www.patheos.com/Resources/Additional-Resources/How-to-Derail-the-New-Monasticism-An-Interview-with-Shane-Claiborne

A great conversation with Chuck Colsen, Greg Boyd, and Shane Claiborne

My main involvement with government was to support Ron Paul in being president and to encourage the freedom movement. I’ve had a few other experiences, but for the most part I see value in following Jesus in my in relating to and working with  my family, friends, and community.  Listening to this conversation is inspiring me to re-think my involvement. The verdict is not yet in for me. But I really like hearing three of my favorite evangelical Christians having a dialogue which is aired on public radio.