Application Questionaire

Letter of Introduction

Please answer the following questions. You can cut and paste this into a google doc, email, or some other kind of document.

Section 1: Personal Information
What is your full legal name as well as nickname if you would prefer?
What is your current age and birth date?
What is your gender?
Where are you coming from?
Do you have any children or are you currently married?
Do you currently have any pets? If yes and you want to become a member here, realize that you must get 2/3rds of the current membership to accept your pet into the community (nice, quiet, well trained pets are usually welcomed).
How did you learn about this community?

Section 2: Tell us about yourself (include answers to the following questions)
Why do you want to visit?
Where have you lived in the past?
What is your education history?
What is your work/ volunteer history?
What are your your hobbies and interests? How do you spend your free time?
What are your self care practices?
Describe your experiences working/ living with others.
What motivates you?

Are you currently a vegan?

How long?

What inspired you to be vegan?

If you are not a vegan, do you want to be?

Section 3: Details
Do you have any allergies or specific dietary needs?
What are your vices, if any?
Have you ever been in a treatment center? If so, for what?
Have you ever been hospitalized? If so, for what?
Are you currently taking any medications? If so, for what and what are they?
Please describe in full detail of any medical conditions you may have.
Please give us a way you can be reached prior to your visit as well as
full emergency contact information in case of an emergency during your
Past trouble with the law will not disqualify you from a visitor
period or membership, but we expect honesty and such things will come to
light, in any case. Please describe in full detail your criminal
record, if any.
Do you receive any outside income— such as social security,
disability, child support, pension plan, etc.— and if so, would you
be comfortable turning that income over to community for the duration
of your membership after becoming a full member?
Do you have any debt?

Section 4: Membership

Are you interested in full membership at East Wind?
What is your first, second, and third choice of visitor period?
Please feel free to add any additional things you think we should know
about yourself or your situation.

Your application will be shared with any another people who are living at the community land and with Cliff Mikkelson, neighbor and supporter of the community.

Thanks to East Wind Community. I took most of these questions from their questionnaire.

What would the world be like if Jesus had never been born?

jesus christ figurine

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on

First off, I know there may be some of you reading who think that Jesus was a myth. But for those of you who think he did live, and that Christianity sprung up because of him, I want to get you thinking a bit.

The community and learning center which I am designing will be an inter-faith community. However, I want everyone who is interested in exploring joining me in this endeavor to know that I am a Christian. If you have major issues with Christians I hope you will not make assumptions, and be open to the possibility that I can be a Christian who you can work and live with. Here is an article I wrote that explains my beliefs. You will probably find that they don’t fit in with what many people think a Christian would believe.  But there are SO many different kinds of Christians!

I felt so inspired by the review of this book, If The Church Were Christian: Rediscovering the Values of Jesus.   

I loved this quote, and it echoes the mission and vision of the community and learning center I am designing, which is to help all of life to thrive.

“Salvation would be when heaven was in us, not when we were in heaven. It would happen when we stopped worrying about saving our own skin and cared more about saving and restoring the land and sea and sky and all who dwell therein.” Phillip Gulley


I really like this apology for Christians that Shane Claiborne makes in an article called “What if Jesus Meant All That Stuff. I visited Shane and his neighborhood when I was in Philadelphia, where he, his wife and friends live in the poorest neighborhood in this city. He and other Christians really walks their talk as they continue to improve the lives of their neighbors.

This article, A World Without Jesus, the author does his best to describe as logically as possible why Christians have such a bad name, and how people who call themselves Christians are not necessarily following Jesus.

Kurt Vonnegut, Christ-loving Atheist is an article worth reading. I just read it, and I am sobbing. Reading it gave me even more hope that Christians can redeem themselves, because Kurt came across so many Christians who he loved. Not enough to convince him to be a Christian, though.

What would happen if these organizations and people hadn’t followed Jesus and had an organization to be a part of?

There is an increasing number of Christians and Christian organizations who are standing up to oppression. Soulforce has been around for a long time, and I admire greatly their nonviolent approach.

There are many Catholics, who I consider Christian, who are doing great things in the world. Richard Rohr is a Catholic priest in the Franciscan order who wrote a great article about returning to the basics in Christianity. Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk who may have been assassinated because of his anti-war views, Dorothy Day founder of the Catholic Worker movement, and Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche Communities for the disabled are all Catholics.

I hope you can understand why I am willing to call myself Christian. There are Christians and Christian organizations, including churches, who are worthy of learning from. Plus, I just love Jesus and his teachings, and I love and respect people who are family and friends who are Christian. However, I still haven’t found a church I feel comfortable with. My intention that the future community will be a place where Jesus, and people of all faiths, will feel welcomed.


Great videos to inspire and motivate you to start your day well.

I’m on a personal growth kick right now. For various reasons, (like since I am 65 years old, I should know everything–ha ha!) I had refrained from listening to videos about thing like visualizing, doing affirmations, meditating, developing good habits. I actually was feeling pretty happy with myself, and felt a lot of joy and fulfillment.

Yet I realized that I seemed to be stopping myself in various ways from manifesting my dream of creating community. Because I am so passionate about achieving this goal, and because I “stumbled” upon some resources that I really like, I’ve been drawn to immerse myself in learning and reviewing how to realize my highest potential.

As a Christian, I connect my relationship with Jesus to the habits and practices I have been learning or reinforcing. I enjoy seeing how Jesus teachings really do fit in with most of the teachings I am hearing.

I encourage you to watch these videos and get some great information that might help you to become the person you need to be in order to achieve your goals, realizing your mission in life, and live out the values that you determine are important to you. That is what the learning center and community I am working on building is all about–and this article will give you a taste of what it would be like to live in the future community or take classes from the learning center.

Miracle Morning Intro.   This 6 minute video gives very detailed, helpful information about how to develop a morning routine that can help you stop pushing the snooze button and motivate to get out of bed and start your day in a very constructive way. I’ve been doing this routine for 2 weeks now, and it has helped me immensely.

Attracting relationships by changing these 3 beliefs: Changing our relationship with ourselves is one of the keys to changing who we attract into our lives. I am convinced of this. I liked this 12 minute video because the 3 beliefs, including learning how to forgive, are simple, doable and effective.

How To Meditate: This is a 6 minute instruction on how to meditate. I thought it was helpful for beginners. The only thing I would change is that sitting in a chair is perfectly okay because lots of people can’t sit cross legged. If you don’t feel motivated to get out of bed, you can meditate in bed and hopefully you will stay awake. Setting the timer is helpful. If you like, you can do a guided meditation. See below.

Morning Guided Meditation: I listened to a lot of meditations and I thought this was the best. Ten minutes. I recommend that if you don’t like this one–find another one. This includes visualizations and affirmations. Ideally, use with headphones, but not absolutely necessary.

Morning meditation: I loved this one because it encourages gratitude and expressing love. I also enjoyed the instructions on how to meditate and breath.

Morning gratitude meditation: I enjoyed how this meditation encouraged me to embody so many of the values I hold dear.

5 minute morning stretches: This is intense, and I want to find a more gentle stretching routine. However, I thought this was a good start for those who are up for it.

Super gentle yoga stretches in bed: This is a great way to transition from sleep to being more awake before you even get out of bed.

Wim Hoff Method tutorial: This guy is amazing–he has broken world records in his ability to resist cold and build his immunity. I have found that this breathing method has been recommended by many people who I respect. Some people use this before they take cold showers. People report a decrease or complete elimination of anxiety and depression.

3 Very intense things to add to your morning routine: Wim Hoff Method. I am working on accomplishing this. This video is very motivating.

View at

View at






5 Essential Ingredients for a successful, fulfilling life

There may be more than 5, so if you can think of any more, please let me know!

Values: Figuring out what is important to you–your highest priorities in life. Your values will help you make decisions that are of crucial importance, including choosing a mate, (or not), where you work, and what your vision, mission and goals are. Think of your values like the foundation of a house. Learn more about values here. 

Vision/Mission/Goals: I put these all together–because they all tell you which direction and what specific things you want to do with your life. They all need to be based on your values.

Practices: Things like meditation, visualization, the miracle morning, mindfulness, exercise, play, laughter, forest therapy–all these things are practices that will help you to be the person that you need to be in order to have the strength and energy to live your values and accomplish your goals.

Habits: By learning how to develop habits, then doing the practices will come much more easily.

Healthy Community: Ideally, we can live in a healthy intentional residential community where people share our values, vision/mission/goals and practices. This is the ideal environment where we can encourage each other through mutual support to transform the world.

What if there were millions of healthy communities where everyone could be the best version of themselve?  What if these healthy communities  could join together and cooperate and truly transform the world into a place where all of life–including the human and non-human animals, insects, and all of the environment–can thrive.

I think we could create a vegan world.

My mission is to create one community which can serve as a model for others, and help start other communities. And then connect them for cooperation.

I dream of a world where every single person who wants to can happily live in healthy vegan community and all life can thrive!


Custom Tailored Classes and Experiences

One of the mistakes I have made in the past was to schedule and then promote events. Because promoting events is one of the things I least like to do–I realize that I need to promote the opportunities instead of specific scheduled events.

I am also waking up to the fact that most people do not have the amazing access to all the opportunities that I have living out here near the LF  Center. I am not living there now, but when I visit (only 15 minutes away) I am in awe of how quiet, beautiful, and uplifting that environment is. I hope to be living there by March 2020.

The most important thing to know about any thing you do here–is that you will leave with ideas and a plan about how to make daily changes which will change your life for the better. ]

You will be in a vegan space, and that means that people coming to the learning center need to, as much as possible, be refraining from exploiting animals and all of life. All food served will be vegan.

I will be developing some guidelines, including no drugs or alcohol or firearms and some simple behavioral agreements

Here are some suggestions as to how you can design your own learning experience with my support as your coach:

Immersion Experiences: individual or groups:

See more here:

Self Guided Retreat: You can come and camp in a place where you can have solitude–or you can be near where I am living–if you feel safer. You can take this time to do things that you feel comfortable with, without my help, that will help enrich your life. I can prepare vegan food for you, you can bring your own vegan food, or you can fast.

Here is an article which gives suggestions about self-guided retreats.

If the weather is good–you can be outside most of the time. There will be a YOME available, as well as the common house, or your own tent.

Custom Designed Retreats  for individuals

I can help you design a retreat and support you in carrying it out.

Custom Designed retreat for groups: 

I can help you design a wonderfully bonding retreat for your group. I can facilitate it or coach you on how to facilitate. I can be present and do some teaching on pertinent topics, or just be there for support. I also can just provide simple vegan meals.

Custom Designed Trainings for groups and individuals–

I will support you in creating a seminar where you can decide what you want me to teach.

Trainings: One on one or in groups

Here are the topics/subjects/skills I can teach.

  • Preparing whole, mostly raw, plant-based food
  • Building hugelkultur beds/learn about veganic gardening
  • Identify and harvest wild edibles
  • Connecting with nature/forest bathing
  • How to design a vegan diet that can work for you and your lifestyle
  • Identifying and living out your values
  • Creating a miracle morning routine that is perfect for your needs
  • Creating a bed time routine that is perfect for your needs.
  • Cooperative games
  • The art of weeping in order to heal trauma through inner parenting
  • Creating art together: drama, music, visual art
  • Healing childhood wounds
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Singing and guitar lessons
  • Creating a choir
  • how to create a Friendship Circle for deeper connectedness and therapeutic relationships
  • How to get organized and simplify your life

You design the seminar–You or someone else is the trainer. 

I  will provide the space where you can conduct a seminar–and I can support you with food preparation, logistics and promotion

Forest Bathing: There are some breathtakingly beautiful parts of the learning center land, and neighboring land (think creek, waterfall and bluffs) where you are completely away from EMF exposure. You can immerse yourself in nature–either with me as a guide, or by yourself.

Learn more about the benefits of Forest Bathing here. 





The Immersion Experience for a Thriving Life at Livable Future Learning Center

This project is still in the forming stages. I would love your feedback on this. If some things don’t seem to fit–please understand that I am still in process!

Come join me for 2-7 days of learning about all kinds of things related to healthy living. Whether it is just you and I, or we get a whole bunch of people together–we are going to learn, have fun, and and develop habits, practices while you deepen or uncover what your highest priorities in life are–your values.

Remember–as you read the description below–there may be just two of us–but we can do our best to fulfill all that I have described. This work in itself is a work in process.

If you answer yes to the following questions, you will love this event!

  • Are you hardy? Adventuresome? Lover of the great outdoors? 
  • Do you want to learn skills that you will use for the rest of your life to cultivate deep friendships, a healthy relationship with yourself, and healthy community?
  • Do you want to start a community of your own? 
  • Would you like learn how to nurture your family and other relationships?
  • Would you like to experience a healthy lifestyle–physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially?
  • Are you sensitive to EMF’s (Electromagnetic Field) and need a break from this exposure?
  • Do you want to associate with people who have similar goals as above?
  • Do you want to be part of creating a vegan community? 
  • Would you like to explore living in community for two days, or longer in order to see if this is a place you might want to live? 

As we work on useful projects together, all the while learning so many things– that will help the Livable Future Project

Come play and work with us in a space were everyone’s needs matter!

Accommodations: Tent camping, RV’s and trailers (no hook ups). Dorm sleeping inside the common house.  

Food: Vegan-Gluten and oil free, organic as much as possible. 80% raw 

Daily Schedule: 

Note: Sacred pauses are 5 minute pauses where we practice meditation, mindfulness, prayers, visualizations, chanting, and other spiritual practices and tune into the special energy of that particular time of the day.    I learned the importance of paying attention to the rhythms of the day from this book, Seven Sacred Pauses: Living mindfully through the rhythms of the day. 

7:00 Sacred pause

7:05am Miracle morning practices: Life SAVERS: Silence (meditation/prayer) Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (journaling) (read more here

8:30-9:00 am Prepare Breakfast (green smoothie)

9-10 Open Space Circle (and drink smoothie) Check in, connect, and plan day according to people’s needs.

10:00: Sacred Pause

10:05-12:00 Everyone attends a daily training circle where they learn skills in friendship cultivation and healthy community building taught by Patricia Mikkelson. We may do some work projects during this time–learn by doing. 

12 Sacred pause

12:05-12:45 Prepare Lunch (large raw salad or fruit salad) 

12:45-1:15 Eat lunch

1:15-5 PM Schedule created during open space: see below for possible activities

5pm sacred pause

5:05-5:30 Prepare food. 

5:30-6:30 dinner (fruit salad or raw salad. cooked soup or grain. 

6:30-7 clean up

7:00 sacred pause: Sun down

7:05-8 debrief day in small groups with various creative processes. 

8-9:30 Fun things like campfires, singing, open mic, dramatic presentations, dancing. 

9:30 Prepare for sleep with best practices including meditation and a sacred pause ritual.

10:00 Sacred pause: bed time 

10:05 quiet time honoring needs of those who need to get to sleep! Ideally, people will go to bed in order to 

Options to participate in open space activities are numerous, and things are being added all the time. Please let me know what you would like to do before you come and add to the list as well.

Important–especially for introverts! At any time, you can opt to be by yourself in order to do those things that best nurture your needs at the time.

Activities include:

  • Swimming/kayaking in lake
  • Solitude. At any time, you can opt to be by yourself in order to do those things that best nurture your needs at the time
  • Volleyball/basketball/frisbee
  • Explore the property and surrounding areas
  • Making trails
  • Clearing the forest to make a campground
  • Building a treehouse 
  • Preparing plant-based food
  • Building hugelkultur beds/learn about veganic gardening
  • Identify and harvest wild edibles
  • Classes in oneness/interconnectedness
  • Class in connecting with nature/forest bathing
  • How to design a vegan diet that can work for you and your lifestyle
  • Identifying and living out your values
  • Creating a miracle morning routine that is perfect for your needs
  • Creating a bed time routine that is perfect for your needs.
  • Cooperative games
  • The art of weeping in order to heal trauma through inner parenting
  • Creating art together: drama, music, visual art
  • Organizing the resource yard
  • Designing a land use plan
  • Making signs to identify wild edibles
  • Forest therapy
  • Rewilding skill building including going barefoot,

We may have a special day of activities at the Living Springs Park which is located right next to Prayer Lake. This area is part of our neighborhood, and we access to this beautiful private recreation area. 

Everything we do will be designed to stimulate our brain to produce the brain chemicals that bring us fulfillment and joy–

The happy brain chemicals we will be producing are:

  • Dopamine – The (good & bad) habit former. An incredible tool when used appropriately!
  • Oxytocin – The hugging drug or “love hormone.” Oxytocin makes us social and builds relationships with trust and loving feelings.
  • Serotonin – The “leadership hormone.” Heavily related to pride, loyalty, and status.
  • Endorphins – The natural painkiller. The runner’s high!

These definitions came from this wonderful article here. 

As we move through the day, we will also always be strengthening our vagus nerve through such activities as:

  • Laughter yoga
  • Breathing
  • Creating a safe space in our brain
  • exercise/movement/dancing
  • Socializing

I got a lot of these ideas from this great article. 

With our super healthy, 80% raw diet, we will be increasing the health of our gut–which is such a key to health. This article tells why.

Things to bring: 

  • Bedding (sleeping bag, mattress)
  • Tent
  • Bowl
  • Work gloves
  • Natural insect repellant
  • Long pants for walking in forest or long grass
  • Rubber boots 
  • Socks–heavy, light colored, long enough to tuck pants into closed toed boots/shoes
  • Swimming gear
  • Long sleeves–light weight, light color
  • Sandals/
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries

Transform your life by immersing yourself in living in an immersive coaching environment where all aspects of your life–physical, emotional mental, spiritual and social–are enriched. Learn more at

I am estimating the cost to be $150 per day for 2 days. This includes food and very simple shelter. 3 days to 7 days–$100/day. After 7 days, we can negotiate the price.

If you only want to come to explore living in community, then you will need to pay for the cost of food–$150/week, and $100 a week for the benefits of being present and receiving the gifts I have to offer.

One of the reasons I can keep costs so low is that participants will be doing concrete things to help move the community infrastructure forward, including gardening, building, cleaning up areas, organizing the resource yard etc.

People do need to fill out an application and pass a screening process in order to attend.

Contact Patricia Mikkelson at