Help Wanted At The Health-Healing-Happiness-Expo In Las Vegas

Wanted: Help at the Health, Healing, Happiness Expo in Las Vegas in exchange for a free ticket to workshops. Here are details to the event:
Hello! I’m Trish Mikkelson, founder of the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage, a vision in progress, and the person in charge of selling the Farm Animal Sanctuary Site–both in NW Arkansas in the Ozarks. I am going to have a table at the upcoming expo this weekend, June 8-10. I just need someone who is good with people and who can support me in my efforts to find people to join the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage as well as find a buyer for the Farm Animal Sanctuary Site.
I need help with the table throughout the expo, on Sat and Sunday between 9-6. I have to give a 25-minute talk at 12:30 on Sat and 3:30 on Sunday. Those are the most crucial times I need help.
We can negotiate when we take care of the table so we can both go to talks and workshops we want to go to.
I will need to meet with you on Friday evening before evening activities (5-9)  at around 4pm or 8am Saturday morning so I can give you an orientation. Or we can connect by phone on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Please contact me at 479-313-0414 or email