Independence Day, Part One

I have reblogged many posts from this wonderful blog. The words Kathy shares are amazing because I feel so in alignment with them. The fact that we both are passionate about animal welfare, and share a similar theology is nothing short of a miracle! I hope you enjoy all these articles. They are priceless.

Shepherding All God's Creatures

“Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.”
Luke 6:36

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As you read this short article and contemplate what is happening, ask yourself  “what is the Holy Spirit saying?” about this.  Watching the video is optional; I no longer can watch them myself, I’ve seen the footage before and know what it contains.

In pondering America’s Independence Day celebration July 4th, I thought about another kind of Independence Day, the one Jesus gave us.  But, in looking around at the state of the world, and as is depicted in this article, we aren’t yet free from evil influence.  Animals, especially, are not free from tyranny.

Jesus did die to “set the captives free.”  And until He comes back the second time, we are to partner with Him to bring about freedom from autocracy on earth, for…

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Who Is The Enemy In Animal Welfare?

This is such an important subject–the idea that God does not orchestrate evil, but is working to redeem creation so that His kingdom will be on earth as it is in heaven. Great article.

Shepherding All God's Creatures

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quote Courtesy Timeline Photos Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quote
Courtesy Timeline Photos

Animal welfarists get angry, and rightly so. Some may not carry out their advocacy in a loving manner. Many blame the perpetrators calling them the enemy. The truth is, God’s people need to begin showing welfarists the correct example of stewardship and dominion, teaching who the enemy really is (Ephesians 6:10-20), getting in the trenches with them in their fight against the tyranny toward God’s creation. 

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Revolting Against Evil

Important insights about how to deal with evil in this world, including evil done to animals.

Shepherding All God's Creatures

“Far from supposing that things like diseases and deformities were part of a great divine plan or that they glorified God, Jesus revealed God’s will and glorified God by coming against these things! Jesus ministry was not about helping people accept the world as it is—as though it now reflected God’s will. His ministry was about helping people resist the world as it now is—in order to bring about God’s good will.”
~Greg Boyd,, Resisting Evil

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As a Christian animal welfarist I believe that a good deal of the reason Christians are resistant to change and are apathetic toward animal suffering has a lot to do with the subject of this and other recent posts on

When we can (not an exhaustive list):

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Shepherding all God’s Creatures blog

We at Jesus Vegans are very much in alignment with the goals of this blog, Shepherding All God’s Creatures. I highly recommend following it and reading it….

“We are Disciples of Jesus who love His animal kingdom!  I, Kathy, started a Spiritual venture a few years ago that has led me to this blog endeavor, when one day I was awakened to the industrializa…”

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Wesleyan Church adopted a support for creation care

“The Wesleyan Church believes it is time for Christians to take the lead in ensuring that the beauty and majesty of God’s creation are sustained. We believe that these efforts will help ensure the protection and health of future generations, will be a blessing to peoples all around the world (especially the poor), will improve our witness to a watching world, and most of all, will express our love and worship for our Creator, Redeemer and Friend.”


This is so encouraging. I have never heard of the Wesleyan Church. Learn more about their resolution here:

Fasting, Prayer, and Praise!

Let us use the spiritual practices to become stronger in our faith and our connection to God. Fasting and prayer are two essential practices mentioned in this post.

Shepherding All God's Creatures

Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, singing:  ‘To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honour and glory and power, for ever and ever!’” (Revelation 5 v 13)

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Today is the day we are fasting and praying for one meal!

Praise God, all creatures great and small!

Andrew Linzey wrote in his book, “Creatures of the Same God” that “we need a Church that will publicly repent of it’s blindness and folly about animals, and especially it’s complicity in animal abuse and cruelty.  God needs that Church and the animals need that Church.  But it will not come without the work of many hands and much sacrificial effort, as well as the abundance of God’s grace.”

Along with…

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The Bible and Animals, Part One

I appreciate when people can go more deeply into the meaning of words. in the scripture to find the Truth that will set us free.

Shepherding All God's Creatures

Shepherding All God’s Creatures has a sister page, Animal Christian Concern.  ACC’s work in the United Kingdom began in 1985, founded by May Tripp and Co-founded by Roslyne Smith, one of the partners of Shepherding All God’s Creatures Blog and Prayer Group (see more under “About us, About the Authors”).  You can also purchase Roslyne’s book, Animal Welfare:  Through The Cross, A Collection of Animal Christian Concern Articles here (a link to the book is also on the blog page under “Feature Book”) – all proceeds go to animal sanctuaries and humane research.  The book is a “comprehensive collection of thought-provoking and heart-felt articles, exploring the relationship between Christianity and animal welfare.”  We invite you to learn more about ACC and the book here.

Today’s post brings you Part One of an article from Roslyne’s book.  We hope that you enjoy it and get much from it.  Please…

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Progress Updates On Our Projects

Tas and Chase, our permaculture and video production consultants from Biodesic Strategies, completed a permaculture design plan for Jesus Vegans Ecovillage. They gave a beautiful presentation at our weekly team meeting, and they are very excited about the possibilities.

We are grateful to finally have a site plan so that we can more effectively move forward on our Ecovillage building, including digging a pond.

The Mir Manor, which is will serve as a dining room, living room, kitchen, and co-working space for interns and woofers at the Ecovillage, now has a floor and the first story walls are going up. Robert and Chris put up a giant tarp to protect the building project. Bryan has been doing most of the work since Chris has been busy helping with strategic planning, and Robert has had other projects to work on.

Chris and I have worked many hours to come up with a strategy, which includes branding, to help move the mission of Jesus Vegans forward. Right now the wording is, “Helping churches develop a culture of creation care.” Using an adapted version of Community: Connect! (which still may be implemented as part of the big picture program), Creation Care Connect has been developed as a way if getting congregants and their friends and neighbors excited about helping the local churches to address the world’s most pressing problems using creation care solutions.

We also learned about our “target market”, the millennial generation, which hates to be called “mellennial” This has helped us to develop our strategy.

Chris and I also worked on getting an organizational framework so that our team and future volunteers can work more effectively together on social media management and contact management. We think we are close to finding the combination of software tools and other tools (like a simple but big hard copy calendar) so we can keep good track of everything.

Chris and I gave a presentation about the strategic plan at our first full team meeting. Everyone was able to attend, including Sky from San Diego.   Everyone is on board and excited.

I have ordered a number of books and resources which will have helped us do research on creation care and give us more ideas.

Barbara has been able to offer feedback on the above two projects, and her insights have been invaluable

Chase made a very extensive study of the most cutting edge video production technology, and put together a report so that Robert can wisely make the purchase. We are excited to move forward on video productions. Today Chris, Tas and Chase went out to do an actual video shoot showing how churches can use permaculture in their landscape design. We hope that by inspiring people to adopt permaculture design principles, we can also help them adopt a plant based diet.

We are working on a Plant Based Health Care plan as a part of and follow up to the Creation Care Connect. We are building our data base of key organizations and people to connect with in order to host a  Creation Care Connect pilot event at a local church that has a college or young adult ministry.

We have been working on the Jesus Vegans projects since early October, 2016, when I returned from the Bay Area. I feel hopeful that we are almost reaching that 80% mark. The idea is that it takes 80% of the energy for a rocket ship to get off the ground, and after that, it is easy for the rocket to fly.  I think we are at about 60%!

All along the way we are doing our best to keep up our social media presence especially on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We want to build up our base of people who are connecting with us so when we do a crowdfunder, a retreat, or some other event, we can have people who trust us and want to spread the word.

There are so many countless details that go into creating a start up company, and they have not been listed here…but just know that we are working really hard to get Jesus Vegans to a place where we are. Thanks to our team for your hard work and support: Robert, Tas, Chase, Chris, Cliff, Barbara, Sky and Trish (that’s me) for all that you do to help inspire and motivate Chris and I as we finish figuring out the big picture plan with everyone’s amazing input.