Our Views on Parenting

We will welcome families and single parents if they are in alignment with our values and requirements for membership.

I will be writing more about our values regarding parenting, but for now I want to share some books that will give you a taste of the parenting style that we are in alignment with. Barbara and I have talked extensively about this topic, and I am happy that as with every other topic we have explored, we are in agreement about our outlooks.

Having raised two children who are now 20 and 27, I am overjoyed that I was able to intuitively find the style of child raising that suited my values even during a time when not that many people who I knew were doing the same thing. Chris (27) and Mahriyanna (20) are amazing human beings and we still enjoy a close relationship. I was blessed to be surrounded by a group of mothers who supported me in having a home birth and to get acquainted with attachment parenting.

I was deeply inspired by Dr. Sears and his wife who coined the phrase Attachment Parenting. I really enjoyed this article which is chock full of great advice for parents.

The book How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk was an invaluable guide from the time my son was born 27  years ago, and I still recommend it highly to parents.

I recommended The Whole Brain Child to a friend who then ordered it. I had only read a review of the book, but it really made sense. I was glad to read the whole book once she received it, and discover that it seems like the perfect companion to the book How To Talk. I wish I had known this information while raising my children because it would have given me a deeper understanding of what their needs were.

The Continuum Concept : In Search of Happiness Lost, is a book that was very inspiring to me. Here is a quote from the description: “Jean Liedloff, an American writer, spent two and a half years deep in the South American jungle with Stone Age Indians. The experience demolished her Western preconceptions of how we should live and led her to a radically different view of what human nature really is. She offers a new understanding of how we have lost much of our natural well-being and shows us practical ways to regain it for our children and for ourselves.”

Unschooling is defined on http://www.holtgws.com website as “interest driven, child-led, natural, organic, eclectic, or self-directed learning. Lately, the term “unschooling” has come to be associated with the type of homeschooling that doesn’t use a fixed curriculum.”

Since our children did not enjoy any kind of structured learning experience, Robert (Mahriyanna’s father) and Cliff (Chris’s father) were in agreement with me that we should give them lots of freedom to play, especially outside, and spend a lot of time with their friends who also homeschooled. We were fortunate to live in situations where, for the most part, they had safe places to just this.

Chris and Mahriyanna both learned to read at age 9, but it only took them about 3 weeks to really get the hang of reading. Chris is now an adjunct professor at University of Arkansas. Mahriyanna graduated from a great on line high school and is active in serving a Christ-centered community center where among other things, she co-facilitates groups that help adults heal their addictions and hang ups and helps in many ways with children. They are leaders among their peers, well-respected by all ages, and deeply loved by many.

We were blessed to find a community and larger network of mostly Christians where  our children could thrive both with attachment parenting and unschooling. This community, Living Springs, is a kind of an intentional neighborhood of which Jesus Vegans Community is a part. You can learn more about this neighborhood at http://www.christiancommunities.com  This website is rather outdated but it can give you some ideas of what some of the folks who live around here are like.

We haven’t really found any great books by Christians about parenting that inspired us, but there is a trend in Christian circles called Grace-based Parenting which focuses more on many of the principles I have covered in this article rather than the authoritarian, “spare the rod, spoil the child” type child-raising philosophy that I thoroughly disagree with.

There’s lots more to cover about parenting, but I hope these words help you to see if you are in alignment with our beliefs, values and practices. I hope you might be inspired, as well. I would enjoy hearing your feedback and other helpful resources that you have found in the realm of parenting.




Preachers and teachers who I want our JVC Think Tank to inspire to become vegans

One of the things we, as a think tank at JVC, want to do is to inspire leaders who really share our values to become vegan. They would be naturals because they are so compassionate and wise. Your ideas on how to inspire them are welcome. Let’s brainstorm! Who do you have knowledge of and connection with that we can help you reach out to? Here is my, Patricia’s, list.

Bruxy Cavey, one of my favorite pastors and teachers, has a great teaching on simple living in a spiritual sense.

Find more teachings here:

I have had communication with Bruxy and I really like this guy as a person as well as a preacher. I have encouraged him to become a vegan. He is slightly receptive, so pray for him!

Greg Boyd who is a teaching pastor at Woodland Hills Church http://www.whchurch.org is a vegetarian. He is also a friend and mentor of Bruxy. He is also a prolific writer promoting the nonviolent teachings of Jesus, as does Bruxy. In this video Greg shares the inspiring story of how he went from becoming a war-supporting evangelical Christian to one who teaches about Jesus as being non-violent and enemy loving. He had the courage to preach this in his mega church and they lost 1300 members. His words about living the teachings of Jesus in community are really inspiring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OtJP8sYZfE&t=1798s

Shane Claiborne is connected to these guys also. I met him when I visited the Simple Way in Philadephia and he is a very kind, loving person. If he became a vegan–that would be AMAZING!


We Want to Eventually Create a Community Land Trust

The legal structure of JVC will eventually be a Community Land Trust. You can learn more about community land trust at http://www.schoolofliving.org  Sky and I attended aa very informative webinar which the School of Living presented just for us. Hopefully we will find someone who can dedicate their energy to getting this part of the community up and running. It is important because having the structure of a CLT means that the community is protected in many ways.



Almost all the trash is gone!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen..drum roll! Yesterday, with Robert guiding the every helpful Big Bertha (the backhoe we rented) and Cliff, Eli and I helping, we filled the rollaway up and we can say that job is done! We weren’t sure if Eli could make it, but just as Cliff and I were leaving (I needed to go to my daughters bridal shower), Eli showed up so Robert and he could finish up the job.

Robert and I thought we were going to JVC to work, but as you can see from the previous blog, we ended up taking a day off. We have worked hard to get to this point, and it is in some ways unbelievable that it is done! Soon very soon I will write the story of why JVC needed so much work to clean up. It is a sad story, but now has a happy ending.

We thank God and all those who helped get this job done, including Bryan, James and Chris, our other workers. Mahriyanna was able to help in the very beginning.

Pray for us, friends, that soon we can move there. We don’t know when that will be, but we really are finding that the long drive, and our time away from our cat, is taking a toll on all of us. We yearn to wake up and eat breakfast and worship and pray and then go to work, and then prepare our evening meal right there on site. Now I prepare a whole day’s worth of food in the morning which then needs to be packed up, iced up, and transported.

but we are grateful for everything and everyone! Soon i will make a list of all the things we need to do to move to the land and put it on our prayer list here and on our refrigerator.

Your comments are always appreciated. how do you feel when you have accomplished a huge job?



We Are Worshiping tonight

Robert and I took a day off today. Bryan and Eli got some good work done, and we did some errands and chores…but we definitely needed to refrain from the hour drive up to JVC and take  naps. Then we had a long conversation to evaluate how we are doing in on various levels–especially spiritually and emotionally. We had a lovely time, worked through some challenges, and then decided to worship.

Here are some songs we played on youtube:

wow! Near the beginning of worship a friend of ours confessed on Facebook that he is an alcoholic and he wanted prayers and deliverance. We were so happy because we knew he was not admitting his problems, and we were able to pray for him. We hope we can help him in some way.

We want to figure out how we can get our wonderful video and sound system that really supports our worship

Tent Living Ideas

So far it looks like the best possibility for Robert and I too move to JVC is to live in tents. The platforms are close to being done. We have the tents. We are not looking into how to organize the tents, especially in terms of kitchen space for one of them. I imagine that my tent home will be a common space with kitchen and dining room, and even co-working space. I will have a minimal amount of my personal belongings stashed somewhere, and a folding cot can be my bed. So I am researching how to get organized for tent living. here are some links:

Here is a video about a great camp kitchen for people who want a very simple kitchen.

I am thinking about a bigger kitchen for community food preparation. This may be helpful for ideas. This could be another little business endeavor, too.

Here are ideas for tiny houses and small spaces that might be inspiring for the tent.