Progress Report 10-17-16

We are really happy to report that we have been given $50,000 so that we can build an infrastructure on the property which enables people to almost immediately live in community. There is almost  enough in place right now that if people lived in tents, we could survive. But we want to thrive!

We want to in the next month do the following:

  • Build a community building and wood shop that provides space for gathering, and a business for members
  • Create a solar system that supplies all the power we need
  • repair the roads for easier access as we build and also for members/visitors
  • Create systems for food growing in the spring so we move towards food security
  • Store food for winter and beyond for emergency
  • Purchase a large tent that can be heated for a meditation/prayer/library/quiet space/yoga so people can do their spiritual disciplines together and separately. Our spiritual connection to each other, to Jesus, to our Creator, is foundational for our success and strength
  • Create a campground where people can sleep in tents with a large tin roof so that there is some shelter from storms and snow. we do not have the funds to build individual houses for people
  • Get the sustainable living conference which Jonno will help facilitate with his permaculture skills planned and people invited.
  • Repair our truck, hauling trailer, generator and other essential tools which will help to facilitate the building process
  • Cleaning up trash that accumulated because of mistakes made in the past (long story)
  • Repairing an already existing  building so that it can serve as living quarters for someone.
  • Rainwater catchment system that will serve all our drinking water needs

I am excited to share that yesterday we had a work party with Robert, Maud and Chris (Maud is Robert’s and my child, Chris is Cliff’s and my child) We made huge progress in very little time to prepare for the back hoe’s arrival. The back hoe is going to be our very good friend because with Robert’s expertise in using one, we will save countless hours of labor. (we look forward to a time when heavy machinery will not be needed on  our projects, but for now, time is of the essence)

Cliff joined us for  a family dinner and meeting. We baked potatoes on the coals from a little camp fire that Robert made, and Robert added condiments for a  delicious vegan dinner. Sharing a meal, sitting around a campfire, under a harvest moon was so beautiful and uplifting. We were reminded of the days about ten years ago when we would meet every Sunday night and Monday to work on our property. Robert, Maud and I lived on our land for about 4 years and for various tragic  reasons we had to leave our beautiful country home, and that contributed to a lot of sadness and less unity in our family.

So here we were, reunited in a more tangible way than ever before because all of us except for Maud who will most likely live on her husband-to-be’s land–in a tiny house. We talked about the goals which I shared above, and got input. We felt so encouraged by the positivity of our family members. We have always been able to plan together and implement plans. We love doing that. But we haven’t had much to do together in a tangible way for years. Cleaning up our land and creating the infrastructure so that a community can happen is something we have dreamed about for over a decade.

I identify with the concept of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.  This is what is happening with this beautiful land which we have the honor and privilege of stewarding. Yes, our name is on the deed (thankfully it was paid off last year) but we know that no one can own any part of the earth. Miracle after miracle had to happen in order for us to be stewards of this land. I will enjoy telling the story another time. For now, I will just bask in the afterglow of our family’s meeting.




Inexpensive and immediate solutions for housing.

Tents can be a place for people to live even through the winter until more permanent shelters can be built. Or they can transition into places where people who come to our classes and retreats live.