Moringa: The Ideal Food for Vegans and Everyone

I learned about the properties of Morina trees when I was in San Diego 2 years ago, and now I am committed to learning everything I can about this miraculous plant. Here are some articles I came up with:

This give a great overview of the wonderful properties of the Moringa tree:

This article is about an inspiring company that empowers women farmers to grow Moringa as sustainable businesses:

Here is a video about a woman who did research looking for a nutritional plant that would be the very best to grow–she discovered the best plant is moringa:

More videos here:

Videos on how to grow moringa:

How to grow in cold climates:

Article about moringa as a survivalist food:

How to protect the trees from frost:

wow! buy a moringa tree for a mere $90. this might be worth growing to sell as a plant.

Video on how to plant moringa from cuttings

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