State of Community: When Our Community Was Just The Mikkelson-Kersbergen Family

This is a blog post I wrote on our Wellspring Community Blog, when only our family was involved in this project. Wow! We’ve come along way since then. But our loving connection definitely helped me maintain my dream of community. Now, my daughter is married, and Chris is engaged. But Chris is going to live in the neighborhood of our community and is now working full time on the project. So here is a past report to give you a sense of our history:


Wow! I have not written in this blog for a long time. So many other activities vying for my attention. But now that I have posted this website on Facebook and there is a possibility that people might want to read this, I feel inspired.

One of the rich times of the evening is when our community gathers on the phone. About 4-5 times a week, 3, 4, or 5 of us share our praise reports and prayer requests, and then we pray together. This has been a wonderful way to stay connected, and to witness the awesome things that God is doing in our lives.

About two months, maybe more, went by without us all meeting in person.  We all got very busy with wonderful activities, but I was really missing our camaraderie. I am glad to say that more than ever, we interact with each other regularly. I go to the farmer’s market with Cliff every Saturday.

Robert, Mahriyanna and I meet once or twice weekly for various reasons. Mahriyanna and I often get a night and morning together. Chris and I try to get together at least everyone other week to catch up. Cliff and Robert work together on Cliff’s home. Chris and Mahriyanna serve and worship together regularly up at the Faithful Servants Ministries in Huntsville.

Robert and I have gotten together to attend church services and work on his house. He is often helping me with some project. We are supporting each other on creating a course on downsizing,de-cluttering and organizing.

So I feel happy with all the great cooperation that is happening. Yet I still long to have us all together more. Our family/community circle continues to be the warmest, safest place for me to be. We have all gone through so many trials, coming through them stronger than ever–individually and collectively. I feel grateful to Jesus–he really does a great job of continually bringing us all together under his beautiful leadership and friendship.

It has been difficult to find a night when everyone could get together, but we figured out that every other Sunday night will be a good time to gather. We had our first gathering last Sunday, Nov. 15, and I am so glad. We created a safe space for each of us to be vulnerable and to encourage each other. Yay for community!

As each one of us relates to the larger community in our respective spheres of influence, we bring back to our community the richness and beauty that these experiences hold for us. Even though we have not spent as much time together, now, when we are together, we have so much to celebrate and share.

I look forward to a time when we can be even more intentional about using our varied gifts to serve as a more cohesive unit. We want to have a Land Trust on our 27 acres, and that will definitely help a lot. Learn more about land trusts here:






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