A new friend is inspired by our community

I’m in San Diego right now and having all kinds of adventures, on of them being working for a variety of people.  One of these people, I am going to call him John,  told me that he looked on this community website, and that he was inspired.  I shared with him how happy I am that Robert and Cliff, my two former husbands, were willing to work out the conflicts we faced because they knew that it was important for the children to be with both their mother and fathers.  I felt very encouraged and satisfied when John said that he felt inspired and thought that what we were doing was setting a valuable and good example for others.

I love to talk positively about our community. I deeply enjoy extolling the virtues of Cliff and Robert, and celebrating with others how much I appreciate them and their commitment to family and community. 

I feel sad when I hear the horror stories of how people get divorced and the kids are in the middle of a battle ground. Life has been far from perfect for Mahriyanna and Chris, but they see over and over again how we keep working things out. Now they, as young adults, help resolve the conflicts in constructive ways. 

I hope we can serve as a role model for people who have divorced, and give hope to people that they can still be harmonious.  I delight in knowing that we are contributing to the well being of others in this way. And I hope that in the near future we can start adding to our group people who value what we are doing and who share our values.